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Wheels , an internet tire company fails to respond to any e-mails or return phone calls . Be leary of any company that does this .

I have cancelled my order with them . Try another sire . thier prices are good , I thought I was getting a bargin . Same old story , if it's to good to be true it usally is !

This company must be doing pretty good finacially , to give away an & 880.00 sale . Guess they did not need the business .

If they go belly up , I don't want to hear them complain sales were lacking . oh' well , there not the only tire company out there...

Monetary Loss: $880.

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the company should get valid REAL reviews good or bad so I will provide a detail account of my review so far

...I am real consumer, and I purchased a full set of rims and tires from on April 17th for $1,602.65. For my 1997 Chevrolet Camaro...I placed the order on the phone with Miguel who was very helpful and placed the order for the Hoyo H7 rims. Now I have never ordered rims and jack *** about bolt patterns and other stuff like that. So I liked the rims and placed the order with him no problems.

I was promised the e-mail of the invoice/order. I was excited and so far so good. I didn't receive the e-mail right away, and called back a couple of days to Miguel and he sent it to me right away. To me that was a good sign.

I was still nervous because for me it was the most I have ever spent online and I asked over and over, 'you sure they will fit?' and I have reassured they would. (another positive sign on customer service). I reveiwed the order several times as i went online to try learn more about bolt patterns and ***. I notice that the order had the rims at a different bolt pattern than my car. I called again, and spoke to another gentleman, who told me that the way they will fit will be because the drill to 5x120 (Whew!)...again very gracious and clear.

I had to call back a couple of times to get the Fed-ex tracking number as the first two times there was none. The third time I called they had it, and Carlos sent it to me right away! (again good customer service)

I have been checking fed-ex and they had to delay my shipment scheduled for May 7 to May 10. Not problem as this is a fed-ex things.

So far I can say my purchase experience from them has been great...4.5 out of 5...not a full 5 only because I don't think their e-mail update system actually does inform the customer of updates (i.e invoice, tracking number).

According to fed-ex my tires and wheels should be coming on Monday, May 10. I will post the results of the installation and order accuracy.

So far though, has provided excellent, timely and a stress free order experience. Ordering from them has not been a problem at all!


I did not bash your company because the wheels were on back order , I agreed to wait for the production run to start up again . I did not receive any calls regarding my fax or the 4 e mails I sent you went unanswered .

That is why you lost the sale ! lousey cust service !

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